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Our events match expert consultants with executives in need of the right advice.

Join our technology-focused virtual B2B matchmaking events and get solutions to your most challenging business problems. As an attendee at a Discovery Event™, you’ll gain access to a wealth of knowledge, networking opportunities, and the flexibility to engage from anywhere. Don’t miss out on this unique platform to learn, connect, and grow. Subscribe now to specify the unique business challenges you want advice to overcome.

Event Categories

Our moderated Q&A/Roundtable events help small groups of technology executives get advice from knowledgeable consultants with expertise in specific fields.

1. Cybersecurity
2. Data governance and compliance
3. Incident response and recovery
4. Privacy policy development and compliance
5. Security audits and compliance
6. Vendor risk management

7. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) applications
8. Blockchain integration
9. Digital Transformation
10. Integration of digital technologies
11. Internet of Things (IoT) implementation
12. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) deployment

13. CRM analytics and insights
14. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
15. ERP system selection and implementation
16. Legacy system modernization
17. Operational Efficiency Improvement
18. Process optimization and automation

19. Data Management and Analytics
20. Predictive analytics and modeling

21. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
22. Compliance with local regulations and standards
23. Regulatory Compliance

24. HR systems implementation and integration
25. Performance management
26. Talent acquisition and management
27. Workforce planning and optimization

28. Demand planning and forecasting
29. Logistics and transportation optimization
30. Supplier relationship management
31. Supply chain visibility and optimization

32. Content Marketing and Digital Presence
33. Social media marketing
34. Search engine optimization (SEO)
35. Customer experience enhancement
36. Customer Research

37. Help desk and support services
38. Infrastructure management
39. Network design and optimization
40. Scalability planning
41. Service level agreement (SLA) management

42. Change Management
43. Organizational culture alignment
44. Stakeholder engagement and communication

45. Environmental impact assessment
46. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting
47. Green IT initiatives
48. Sustainable product design and lifecycle management

49. Workflow Automation
50. Inventory Optimization
51. Outsourcing and Vendor Management
52. Performance Metrics and KPIs
53. Cost Reduction Initiatives
54. Workplace Organization and 5S
55. Lean Manufacturing Principles
56. Capacity Management
57. Batch Processing Optimization
58. Cross-Functional Collaboration
59. Energy Efficiency Programs
60. Lean Office Practices
61. Error Reduction and Quality Improvement
63. Training and Development
64. Technology Adoption and Integration

65. Joint Ventures
66. Alliances and Consortia
67. Strategic Supplier Relationships
68. Channel Partnerships
69. Technology Partnerships
70. Strategic Investment and Equity Partnerships
71. Ecosystem Partnerships
72. Academic Partnerships

Discover Solutions to Your Most Pressing Business Problems

Keeping up with new technologies is tough in today’s fast-changing world. Falling behind means missing out on innovation, efficiency, and staying competitive. The content you find on Google or YouTube gets outdated fast. Our Discovery Events™ save you time and effort by connecting you to the right experts willing to share their knowledge.

By participating, you gain access to informative and engaging sessions on topics relevant to your interests and business needs. You’ll gain insights to understanding your problem, considering your options, and actions you can take to drive your business forward. Become a member to specific your challenges and get notified about upcoming events.

Trailblazer Events! Attendee Benefits:

Access virtual events on topics of greatest interest

Learn from industry experts and thought leaders

Network with like-minded professionals

Interact with speakers and ask questions during sessions

Gain actionable insights you can apply to your business

Attend events from the comfort of your own location

What some of our featured experts have said...

Laura Patterson
    Laura Patterson

    Co-founder and President of VisionEdge Marketing

    "Derek made the process go smooth and was a consummate professional. And he did a wonderful job of teasing out my key ideas so they're useful to readers and listeners."

    Gina Balerin
      Gina Balerin

      Founder and CEO, Verballistics

      "It's surprising what insights exist in people's heads that they don't know about. That's what Derek does - help pull out those nuggets of wisdom that, when you hear them repeated back to you make you think, 'Wow. I do know what I'm talking about after all!'. That wouldn't be possible without his humble, curious approach and good interview questions."

      German Ramirez
        German Ramirez

        Co-Founder and Chief Relevance Officer of The Relevance House

        "I can only recommend Derek to other professionals looking to make stories work for their brands and businesses. Derek's subject matter expertise, high professionalism and pleasant, relatable style make for an outstanding conversational interview.


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        Message from Derek Little

        Today, change is happening faster than ever. There amount of new information being generated can be overwhelming. Your success depends on finding the right information when you need it. Our Discovery Events match you with a featured expert providing information custom-tailored to your needs. Our session consist of small group so you can get your questions answered in real time. Subscribe now to complete our "Topics of Interest Questionnaire."

        Derek Little
          Derek Little

          CEO of Trailblazer MASTERY!

          You can learn more at one of our events than you would with months of research. What's your time worth?

          "All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them."

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