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Professional B2B prospecting services for small to mid-sized firms selling to the C-Suite

Are you selling a complex B2B solution to high-value customers? Many prospects don’t understand their problems, which makes it difficult to recognize the need for complex services that are hard to define. Our personalized, professional approach to marketing on LinkedIn creates awareness for your services among high-value prospects. We then assist you in building value so you can offer tailored solutions that lead to sales. Watch this video for an overview of how we do it.

8 Ways We Help You Succeed

Marketing on LinkedIn might seem simple, but there are several pitfalls to watch out for. Without planning or proper management, tasks might not be completed effectively or on schedule. Also, if your marketing isn’t aimed at the right audience, you’ll see limited short-term results, and neglecting to build your brand will hurt you in the long run. Plus, you won’t be able to navigate the lengthy journey of B2B buyers without compelling content.

To help you succeed on LinkedIn, we employ eight strategies. These ensure that your efforts align with your business objectives, engage your audience, create a lasting impact, and provide valuable insights for ongoing improvement.

LinkedIn Mastery! Success Strategies:

Strategic Planning

Project Management

Profile Management

Company Page Management

Content Creation

Reporting and Analytics

Done-for-you B2B Relationship-building and Prospecting

Effective LinkedIn marketing involves reaching out to potential leads with personalized messages and content to encourage connections. We handle this activity for you while keeping in touch with them and urging them to follow your company page for more helpful content. We meet with you weekly to review your marketing progress and brainstorm new ideas to better facilitate your buyer’s journey. We keep track of LinkedIn stats and provide a virtual project management solution. We can also help you develop a LinkedIn newsletter and attract more Company page followers to further boost your growth.

Case Study

LinkedIn Mastery! Success Tactics:

Targeted Network-building

Weekly Strategy Sessions

Daily/weekly Reporting

Content Development

Newsletter Publishing

Company Page Follower Growth

What previous clients had to say...

Joshua Bernstein
    Joshua Bernstein

    CEO, Vault Profit Partners

    "Derek assisted me with the marketing of my CFO consulting services on LinkedIn. He interviewed me on his podcast, then provided tips on my social media strategy and developed some key marketing assets. Derek went out of his way to help and was great to work with."

    Tory Bjorklund
      Tory Bjorklund

      CEO, Victoria Fide Consulting

      "Derek helped Victoria Fide Consulting generate over 2500 targeted LinkedIn connections. They also helped plan our white paper on digital transformation and an article series based on it. I am pleased with how the content turned out and how the LinkedIn campaign has progressed."

      Parshad Irshad
        Parshad Irshad

        Co-Founder, Shape & Scale

        "I worked with Derek on multiple projects; he brings a keen understanding of content and how it fits the modern B2B customer journey. Highly recommend. His content looks solid!"

        Two Free Sales Tools

        Profile Improvement Worksheet | Most Profitable Client Workbook

        Profile Improvement Worksheet

        A LinkedIn strong profile will help you create more connections. Discover the path to maximizing your profile with our comprehensive LinkedIn Profile Improvement Worksheet. It will help you examine five crucial areas for taking your profile to the next level.



        Most Profitable Client Workbook

        Understanding your target audience better will help you create a LinkedIn Profile that attracts your most valuable clients. Our Most Profitable Client Workbook helps you ask 12 penetrating questions that reveal what your most profitable clients are thinking when they visit your profile.

        Get connected to your ideal clients

        Message from Derek Little

        With over 15 years of B2B sales expertise, including enterprise software sales, and experience as a Marketing Director for a tech startup, I understand the challenges salespeople face without adequate marketing support. My firm has facilitated tens of thousands of meaningful connections between buyers and sellers, fostering awareness, and producing quality content to support their buyers' journey. We're committed to innovating new methods to assist our clients in effectively finding, understanding, attracting, engaging, educating, and enrolling high-value customers.

        Derek Little
          Derek Little

          CEO of Trailblazer MASTERY!

          We meet weekly with you to review your performance, brainstorm new ideas, and help you reach your goals.

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