Are You Losing Clients on LinkedIn because of these 5 Simple Profile Mistakes?

Are You
Losing Clients
on LinkedIn because of these 5 Simple Profile Mistakes?

No one has to tell you. LinkedIn is the place to get B2B clients. A HubSpot study of 5,000 businesses found that LinkedIn traffic generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate. So why are you not getting your share of leads? The most likely culprit is your profile. The truth is, most profiles fail. But there are 5 quick fixes.

5 Ways to Attract Your Most Profitable Clients on LinkedIn

If you’re like most consultants, you want to grow your business and cut your costs with online marketing. But it’s a struggle to stand out, especially on LinkedIn where there are over 900 million members. Well, no more! In this Workshop, LinkedIn expert Derek Little reveals 5 strategies he uses to promote his own firm and his clients. And you can, too.

Profile MASTERY! Success Strategies:

Promote your greatest strengths

Speak to the needs of your audience

Get prospects excited about your services

Prove you can do the job

Appear when they need you most

Free Resources

#1: Profile Content Worksheet

Discover the path to maximizing your professional potential on LinkedIn with our comprehensive Profile Content Worksheet. It will help you uncover the five crucial areas that will revolutionize your profile and captivate your target audience.



#2: Most Profitable Client Workbook

Learn how to shape your profile so it attracts your most valuable clients with our Most Profitable Client Workbook. It will help you ask 12 penetrating questions that reveal what your most profitable clients are really looking for when they visit your profile.

Our Speaker

With more than a decade of experience on LinkedIn, Derek Little brings over 25 years of B2B sales and marketing expertise to the table and is the Founder and CEO of Trailblazer MASTERY! His firm specializes in helping technology consultants attract, engage, and convert prospects into clients. Their services include coaching, consulting, done-for-you services, and LinkedIn marketing campaigns. Derek’s firm has facilitated tens of thousands of meaningful connections through personalized LinkedIn messages. So, he knows what it takes to succeed on LinkedIn.

Derek Little
    Derek Little

    CEO of Trailblazer MASTERY!

    The reason I decided to create this particular workshop is because almost every Consultant profile I see is making simple, easily fixable mistakes that are holding them back from attracting the clients they want. And they're missing out on a HUGE opportunity.

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